Expectation of Wonders Engulfs Me Today

Expectation of wonders engulfs me today.

I am changing myself on this starlit pathway.

I see steps on untrodden long trails in the groves.

There are flowers, which break through mysterious troves.

From the thickets and swamps voices sing their songs,

As if someone is calling to follow along.

He can feel every breath, watching how you inhale;

Like a powerful magnet he lures to his dale.

Rays fell down like big torrents of light from the sky.

As in secretive forests they’ll travel through time.

In forgotten pine woods fairy-tales become true,

For that someone to say with his heart, «I love you».

The untrodden long trails can be seen in the gleam;

For the lovers woke up the new uprising beams.

Expectation of wonders engulfs me today

To encounter you there – on the starlit pathway...

translated by Irina Illarionova