Kissing is Sweet in the Chains of Your Arms

Kissing is sweet in the chains of your arms.

I’m going down in cold flames like in sea.

You’re next to me, all your love is for me.

Please, wake me up, break the powerful charms.

Looking through time, through the worlds I can walk.

Deep tempting gaze; your heart glares in flame.

And, by accepting the rules of the game,

I will confirm I am yours as before.

I’m bringing love to the world; we are free.

It’s a new passion, all bias are lost.

There is a swish of the new foliage gloss,

Whisper of love, sound of vows in my ears.

Loud catching laughter, soft chains of your arms;

I will revive for the dawn of new days.

You could create me again from the rays,

Looking at glittering light of a star...

translated by Irina Illarionova